Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(GotD) Tony Miles vs. Vladimir Kramnik, intel Grand Prix 95, [D00] Levitsky attack

R.i.P. Tony Miles (born April 23, 1955 in Edgbaston, Birmingham - died November 12, 2001 in Harborne, Birmingham.)

[D00] Levitsky attack (Queen's Bishop Attack)
Stepan (Stefan) Levitsky (born April 25, 1876 in Serpukhov – died March 21, 1924 in Glubokaya) was a Russian chess master. He introduced the Queen's Bishop Attack, known as the Levitsky Attack 1. d4 d5 2. Bg5 in the Queen's Pawn Game.

Levitsky is best remembered by chess players today as the loser of a famous game against Frank Marshall at Breslau 1912, which Marshall concluded with the stunning 23...Qg3!!, allowing White to take his queen three different ways, which according to legend so moved the spectators that they showered the board with gold pieces. (This was not the Evergreen game, as I had originally posted (my mind does that)). I plan to post this game w/video next post.

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