Wednesday, March 17, 2010

(GotD) Lewitzky vs. Marshall, Breslau 1912 [C10] French: Marshall var.

Western Chess has an interesting discussion of the game (with some analysis), while Edward Winter wrote an article on the game, entitled "Marshall's 'Gold Coins' Game". On Marshall's 23rd move, he won by subjecting his Queen to being captured by White in three different ways on one move. This was dubbed the most beautiful move ever made on the chessboard. As the story goes, the excited spectators apparently showered the board with gold pieces. Caroline Marshall, who outta know, doesn't remember this happening.

vorojtsov created a video on the game itself, in it he analyses the game. The video is worth watching.

Here is the actual game. BTW: The analysis came from the book "My Fifty Years of Chess" by Frank Marshall (the copy I have was called "Marshall's Best Games of Chess".)

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Myopic said...

Certainly a striking move.