Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(GotD) Griphin vs. newscott, FICS Rated Blitz Game

Just finished playing this game. newscott was rated 37 pts higher then I was when this game occurred. I've been losing more games then winning games lately, so it's always decent to win a game. Since my head injury, I find that playing chess can be a lot more difficult, and it can be really frustrating at times as well.

This game is really good because 2 strategic (?!?) rules are put into play, (1) combination (6. Nf7, the White Bishop at c4 prevents the White Knight at f7 to be taken by the Black King, the White Knight also puts 3 of Black's pieces in danger of being captured (Black's Bishop/Queen/Rook) and (2) pinning (19. Bg5, the White Queen protects the Bishop, the Black Queen can't move cause White's Bishop puts the Black King in check).

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