Tuesday, December 15, 2009

(GotD) Adams vs. McShane, Round 7, London Chess Classic 2009, Carlsen wins tourny.

It seems I fergot to report on Round 6, Kramnik won against Short and McShane lost against Hua. Carlsen drew against Adams and Howell drew against Nakamura

Magnus Carlsen won the London Chess Classic after a nail-biting finish against Nigel Short. The game ended in a draw and the single point gained was enough to put him one point clear of Vladimir Kramnik, who drew with Hikaru Nakamura. The other two games ended decisively. David Howell played a superb game with Black to defeat China’s Ni Hua, while Michael Adams outplayed Luke McShane in another close struggle.

Current standings: Carlsen (13 pts), Kramnik (12 pts), Howell & Adams (9 pts each), McShane (7 pts), Ni & Nakamura (6 pts each), Short (5 pts).

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