Thursday, July 23, 2009

(GotD) Pandolfini vs. GM Evans, Nevada 1970

While I was reading Chess Life magazine, September 1998, I came upon the following question in the "Evans on Chess" section.
Alex Fontana
Lake Elsinore, California
Q. We have all read and heard many things about world champs and their contenders but little on the background of the coaches who helped them get there. In the movie "Searching For Bobby Fischer" Joshua Waitzkin's coach is Bruce Pandolfini. Was he believed to be a possible Fischer at one time?

A. To my knowledge Bruce Pandolfini was not considered a possible Fischer, but he once had ambitions of turning pro. He told a friend that the following game against me in 1970 caused him to redirect his efforts. If he couldn't win such a crushing position against a grandmaster, he said, then it was wiser to seek a future teaching and writing about chess.

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