Wednesday, July 22, 2009

GM Mark Bluvshtein at the Summer Chess Festival

Photo taken by Mark Dutton (from the simul which occured in Victoria, B.C. on Monday), I recieved the picture from Roger Patterson. I wish Mark had taken a picture of GM Nakamura. :( ;) Because both GMs Nakamura and Bluvshtein were in Victoria on Monday, they also played a simultaneous game using a large chess board (does anyone have a photo of the live board?), the game ended in a draw (if anyone has a copy of this game please E-Mail it to me). I did some searching on to see if these two have played against each other. I came up with only one game?!? (BTW: Nakamura won the game, I want to see a rematch! :)

UPDATE: I checked my SCID database (it has over 1,679,000 games in it) and only one game came up, cept the location was different (though I'm probably misreading it), it said the game was played at "Oropesa del Mar ESP (Spain)". I just checked, it's the same game.

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