Thursday, December 9, 2010

(GotD) McShane vs. Carlsen, London Chess Classic [A37] English, symmetrical var.

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The big surprise of the round was Magnus Carlsen’s defeat at the hands of England’s Luke McShane, which was revenge for the opposite result in 2009. The game followed a known (if slightly obscure line of the English until Magnus experimented with 9...Ne5, when the more conservative ...Nxd4 and ...Bd7 have been tried before. Magnus moved his knight again a couple of moves later, which was faintly reminiscent of his adoption of another off-beat knight-hopping defence against Mickey Adams at the Olympiad. It was a risky plan, trying to lure his opponent into complications. He succeeded in doing so, but Luke revels in complications himself and brought home the bacon in some style.

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