Monday, June 14, 2010

(Book Review) Pirc Alert! by GMs Alburt and Chernin

Currently I'm reading a book entitled Pirc Alert! by GMs Lev Alburt and Alex Chernin, I've never really played the Pirc before so its an interesting read. (Here is the link to the review) I also borrowed (thanks to the Victoria Public Library) Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual by Mark Dvoretsky, but that material is way over my head. Here is the link to that review. Both reviews come from Jeremy Silman's website, located here. The above photo came from En Passant, June 1998 (a picture fer all you Pascal Charbonneau fanboys :). I managed to collect most of the issues in the new 8x11 format. Once again, I don't get why this publication isn't published anymore. Before the magazine died they changed the name to Chess Canada. It was printed on glossy paper, same dimensions. Perhaps this is why the magazine isn't published anymore.

Course I miss the old style of En Passant. :)
BTW: If anyone reading this has back issues of Canada Chess Echecs or En Passant for sale, please send me some E-Mail, thanks!

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