Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Fischer Find

(Taken from Chess Canada, January 2007, page 41. Author unknown.)

Winter days in Iceland might sound boring, but chess fans need only turn on the television. Iceland runs some excellent shows on chess. One two-hour show, on a recent Saturday, featured a rapid chess match between Bragi Thorfinnsson and Arnar Gunnarsson.

Unbelievably, Gunnarsson touched his king here with Black and was forced to move it, resulting in a mate in one.

37... Kg8?? 38. Qxg7# 1-0

But the real drama occured when Bobby Fischer called GM analyst Helgi Olafsson after the game to point out how Black ought to have polished White off in the diagram position. According to Fischer, 37... Rxg2+! seals the deal: after 38. Kh1 Rh4!! Black wins quickly. For example, 39. f3 Rg1! It seems Fischer hasn't lost his killer instinct.

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